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Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download

Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download:

Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download

Norton Utilities is a suite of optimization of the operating system. In a single waterway panel brings together a number of quick and efficient modules: a registry cleaner and defragmenter, an editor of services and the initiation queue and unnecessary files remover.

All components of Norton Utilities are fast as lightning, light and intuitive. The registry cleaner for errors in more than a dozen categories, while the modulus of unnecessary files make another goal for popular applications.

The Monitor Norton Utilities menu contains tools to monitor registry changes and team performance, while the Tools panel provides useful shortcuts to the Windows Control Panel.

It has been over two decades since Norton Utilities first appeared on our computers. Still a remarkable set of utilities to guarantee Norton, but given its simplicity, hardly attract the most skilled public.

Features :

- Duplicate File Finder - find all duplicate scattered across the hard drive of your computer, so you can remove files and free disk space for more of your stuff.

- System Dashboard - shows you step by step how to make your computer run like new again.

- Application Uninstaller - removes programs that do not use or occupy too many resources.

- Speed ​​Disk ™ - Collect (defragment) and reorganizes (optimizes) the files and data that have become scattered across the hard drive.

- Disk Doctor - Scans your hard drive and alerts you to problems that may cause computer errors and crash the hard drive.

- Disk Cleaner - Permanently deletes all records from your computer and web activities to protect your privacy.

- Registry Cleaner - Helps remove Windows registry problems which can slow down your PC, trigger the error messages and cause Windows to crash.

- Registry Defragmenter - Eliminates gaps, free space and corrupt files in your registry and compacts to release the system memory and make your PC start faster.

- Registry Restore - Back up the registry ago before any repair so you can easily undo if necessary.

- Startup Manager - Allows you to choose what programs load automatically when you start Windows in order to free up memory and improve PC boot time.

- Technical support - Improved startup time and recovery system memory, allowing applications off unneeded system (also known as Windows services) that Windows runs automatically in the background.

- Unerase Wizard ™ - Lets you quickly restore accidentally deleted files that may still be recoverable on your hard drive

- Smart Updates - silently and automatically install product updates.


Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free DownloadSymantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download

Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download

Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download

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Symantec Norton Utilities [Portable] Free Download

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